Never put off your retirement loneliness with alcohol

Never put off your retirement loneliness with alcohol

Sometimes when seniors retire from work, they might feel lonely, empty and bored to an extent where they consider alcohol as their pass time friend. This is not the right friend for retirement because alcoholism will do you more harm than benefits. For people who were used to alcohol before retiring, it might be an uphill task to avoid alcohol but it is worth trying because your senior life and retirement if far much too important than the pleasure you accrue from alcohol. Now, why am I saying that alcohol should not be you friend after your retirement?

Alcoholism will make you squander you retirement finances

Retirement finances is something that should not be played with because it will serve as your backbone as well as you source of support. Always remember that you will always need to pay bills and pay for services even if you are old. Indulging into alcoholism may give you the right kind of pleasure but such a pleasure may not last long. Instead of alcohol, consider eating that which you never had an opportunity to eat when you were still working. Alcohol is not food for your retirement and you need to consider medicare advantage plans 2020 and avoiding it at all cost.

Alcoholism is one way of losing friends and family members

Have you ever realized that people who drink too much after their retirement tend to be a burden to the society as well as to the close and extended family? In fact, you will realize that people will be getting away from you and always trying to avoid you because of the person you have become. In fact being a heavy drinker might not bring a good picture to the younger generation considering that you are a senior who needs to be mentoring the young generation. As soon as you retire, just find pleasure in other positive things and not alcohol.

Alcoholism after retirement makes you lose a sense of self

Considering that you will not be going to work anymore, your day might be all spent in drinking. That is right! But you need to be aware of the fact that a continued drinking might make you lose your sense of self. This is the time when you will forget who you are and how people think of you. No one will want to look up to a person who does not respect him/herself. Retirement and seniority needs to make you earn respect.